Ztdummy won't load

I’m trying to setup a conference using meetme, but I’m receiving “That is not a valid conference number” when I dial the number. I did some reading and found that I need to have ztdummy loaded, however I am unable to modprobe it, I get the below error:

Anyone know what’s causing this error?


did you compile it with ‘make linux26’ and is your kernel “CRC_CCITT” enabled ?

I didn’t install in from source, I used “emerge” in Gentoo to install Zaptel. How can I check if my kernel is “CRC_CCITT” enabled?


Okay, that’s what it’s set for in my kernel, so that’s not the problem.

I also checked dmesg and am getting this message:
ztdummy: Unable to register zaptel rtc driver

How can I check if another device is using the rtc driver?

do You have Enhanced Real Time Clock Support in kernel ? (CONFIG_ RTC)
zaptel must by loaded befor ztdummy

i always choose CRC CCITT functions, RTC and Timer Frequency (1000Hz) when Asterisk is ‘on board’

CONFIG_RTC=m is set and I am loading zaptel first. Anyone have any ideas? I really need to get this working ASAP. Thanks.