[solved] Asterisk 1.4.1, Suse 10.0 zaptel does not compile

I think I have read all messages in forums regarding meetme and zaptel/ztdummy. :open_mouth:
I am getting crazy because I have spent a lot of hours on trying different solutions.

Here the problem:
Asterisk 1.4.1
Linux Suse 10
Kernel: linux-2.6.13-15.13
Installed (only hardware, no drivers…): Longshine HFC ISDN board

On “make linux26â€

I’ve had exactly the same problem. I’m not sure that my fix is optimal, but I was able to get the ztdummy driver to compile by going into ztdummy.c and commenting out the “#define USE_RTC” at line 49. This change basically forces the ztdummy driver to use different system calls to perform its functions than it would if RTC is available.

I’m not sure what implications this has for functioning of the ztdummy driver or what side effects it may have on operation of the MeetMe app.

There may be a better solution that allows use of the RTC functions under SuSE 10, but I’m new to asterisk and zaptel and haven’t found anyone else with a solution to this problem yet.

Thank you very much for you reply…

I was very disappointed but finally you saved me a lot of work.
The meetme app seams to be working now. I have to make a few tests with several persons in conferences and I hope it won’t break down.

Thank you again.