HELP ztdummy & meetme

Hi, i have read through this forum for hints on meetme. I am getting the generic “invalid conference” error when i dial the default conference room (8200)

I have checked all the suggestions in the forum, & think i have pinpointed it to ztdummy.

When i do a modprobe ztdummy, it comes up with an error saying:

/lib/modules/2.4.21-32.el/kernel/drivers/usb/host/usb-uhci.o init_module: no such device

When i first installed Asterisk, i had issues with zaptel & could not get prompts back from asterisk when trying some of the default test apps including MoH, Voicemail etc.

I am running my Asterisk on VMware workstation 5 & found info in the forums that indicated that Zaptel would not run when the vmware virtual USB hardware was enabled. I disabled that & when i rebooted, i could get MoH, voicemail prompts etc.

Is there any way to get ztdummy loaded without the need for USB or other hardware?
Or alternatively, a way to allow zaptel to run with VMware virtual USB hardware?

Hi there

There is an alternative to Ztdummy called Zaprtc, which doesn’t need a USB driver. I have not used it and therefore cannot offer an opion on how well it works.

Here is some info on it: … risk+timer