Meetme and ztdummy

I’m having trouble getting Meetme conferencing to work. We do not have any zap cards, but rather, our calls go through a Cisco gateway that has PRIs connected to it. I’ve seen mentioned that we need the ztdummy driver installed for Meetme conferencing to work.

I also read that Linux 2.6 and later has a built-in timer and the ztdummy driver is not required. Needless to say, we’re a little confused here.

I’m running Centos 4.3 and Asterisk Any help would be appreciated.

the info on the wiki seems to be mixed up, i guess because it’s been there through the transition from timing-source needed to no-timing source needed.

what are the problems you’re having with meetme ?

When I dial the conference room I am not getting anything (no tone, nothing). On the console I am not seeing any warnings/errors/status messages.



conf => 9997



exten => 9997,1,MeetMe,9997

is the [conference] context "include"d in your dialplan correctly ?

although unconventional slightly, your setup would work otherwise.

Here’s what I have:

exten => 9997,1,Meetme(9997)

I just realized I sent you the same thing I previously sent. I do not have an ‘include’ parameter in the extensions.conf file.

the context that your users “start” in e.g. [from-internal] needs to have an include statement to add other contexts to the dialplan, e.g. #include conference

this will allow the user to then have access to extensions defined in this additional context.

Got it. I will configure this and will reply with results next week. Thanks.