Ztdummy broken with Dahdi, How to get timing?

Before when zaptel was installed it gave us a nice timing source for conferences and etc.

now after installing dahdi, ztdummy is gone and the dahdi alternative seems to be broken


$: modprobe ztdummy

FATAL: Module ztdummy not found.

$: dahdi_dummy

modprobe dahdi_dummy
WARNING: Error inserting dahdi (/lib/modules/ Device or resource busy
FATAL: Error inserting dahdi_dummy (/lib/modules/ Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)

Does anyone know a way around this change?

“modprobe dahdi_dummy” works fine for me. Is there a chance that you may still have some of zaptel (modules) installed and that it’s getting crossed over with that?

They are essentially the same thing with different names. Maybe zaptel.ko is loaded instead of dahdi.ko, I had that happen when I changed them over. Try an lsmod and see what you have loaded.