I want to use res_timing_dahdi.so as my timing source

res_timing_dahdi.so module is missing and i cant run dahdi command in asterisk because its not recognized. when i run make menuselect all the dahdi options have xxx next to them. I have asterisk 10 and dahdi 2.6 installed. Also, do i need to enable the dahdi_dummy module? what timing source will it use if i leave it disabled? my kernel is using tsc.

Did you build dahdi for the booted kernel version?

The alternative timing sources should be obvious, but I normally use a version before they became available.

yes i did. do you need to use kernel sources or is kernel devel ok? i did not install the dummy module.

the biggest problem i have is your supposed to install dahdi 1st, then libpri, then asterisk. i completely skipped dahdi because i didnt think i would need it. dahdi works on its own but asterisk doesnt recognize it and i need the res_timing_dahdi.so module.

and when i try to recompile asterisk. it doesnt recognize that dahdi is already installed.