dahdi_dummy load module problem

hi asterisk community,

what I am trying to do is to record calls with one touch monitor feature. It almost works.
Problem is that output wav file is choppy. After lot of reseach I realized that I dont have dahdi modules loaded. For my initial settings that was fine, because I have no tel hardware just plain SIP. Now I am trying to load dahdi_dummy for time syncronisation

dahdi show status No DAHDI found. Unable to open /dev/dahdi/ctl: No such file or directory Command 'dahdi show status' failed.
After installation, make,make install, I have

pwd /usr/src/dahdi/drivers/dahdi ls | grep dummy dahdi_dummy.c dahdi_dummy.ko dahdi_dummy.mod.c dahdi_dummy.mod.o dahdi_dummy.o

insmod dahdi_dummy.ko insmod: error inserting 'dahdi_dummy.ko': -1 Invalid module format dmesg | grep dummy [11328.711755] dahdi_dummy: no symbol version for struct_module
Then I though maybe I should run duhdi_cfg:

Notice: Configuration file is /etc/dahdi/system.conf
line 0: Unable to open master device ‘/dev/dahdi/ctl’

1 error(s) detected[/code]

I ran alredy make & make install, which completed ok, I have kernel sources.
My system is

uname -a Linux hp 2.6.26-1-686 #1 SMP Fri Mar 13 18:08:45 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
And asterisk

core show version Asterisk built by root @ hp on a i686 running Linux on 2009-09-24 06:55:08 UTC

Please help, I didnt find a clue how to install only dahdi_dummy without hardware (for time syncronisation).