Hi Guys,

I used to use Zaptel and ZTdummy for conference call ( I don’t have any hardware anymore )

I upgrade the system recently and I am lost. Dahdi seems to do a dahdi_ztdummy ?! Is that right ?
How can I download it as a module ?
If I tried modprobe dahdi_ztdummy -> no succees :frowning:

What is the normal procedure and how make sure that this is dowloaded ??

( I am using FC7 and Asterisk )


Download dahdi linux and dahdi tools or the complete package, which contains both.

Build and install dahdi.

Bulid and install asterisk

dahdi show status in the cli should show that dahdi_dummy is loaded.


Thanks for your reply.

Dahdi show status -> unable to open /dev/dahdi/ctl

What I also noticed, after the installation of the dhadi-tools I could see: ’ your hardware is ( nothing appeared )’ , I read I need to edit the file /etc/dahdi/module and select my hardware
The list is a list of hardware. What should I do with that IF I don’t have any hardware ?

I have the feeling that the dhadi is pre-configured for the use of hardware.
What should I modify, if I just want this ZTDummy ??

Can I check with you how to install DAHDI this properly
(I follow what I found )

  1. dahdi-linux

  2. dahdi-tools
    make install

At any times, I modify something, saying that need ztdummy

What also surprised me, is when I /sbin/service dahdi restart
It cannot download anything at all !!?!? And the Make and make install are ( seems to be ) OK !?!?

Thanks for your help

OK, that seems to work now. Don’t know really why, but works :smile:

Have said that, I noticed that : dahdi show restart -> seems not to work ??

but dahdi show status, show me the ztdummy !


You might want to remove zaptel if you still have it installed.