Meetme conference on trixbox

I really need help with setting up Meetme conference on my asterisk. Do i need a zaptel card to achieve this? Any help will be highly appreciated.

No you don’t need a zaptel card.

I have a few systems that only use misdn, hence the need to install zaptel only for the ztdummy module which has to be running to provide Asterisk withe a timing source for the meetme app to work.

If you don’t run ztdummy you will get continual errors trying to login to a conference.

Hi Brett, could you please give me the procedure for running the ztdummy?

All you have to do is make sure you have installed either zaptel or dahdi according to the Asterisk version you have.

Run dahdi/zaptel before running Asterisk. When you have no hardware it will detect that and run ztdummy itself.

Once you start Asterisk you can check it’s running ok by doing the following.

edenpabx*CLI> dahdi show status
Description Alarms IRQ bpviol CRC4
DAHDI_DUMMY/1 (source: HRtimer) 1 UNCONFIGUR 0 0 0

The system above only has a Digium B410P card, and runs misdn. Hence the need for dahdi_dummy for timing.

Hope that helps. Trixbox should hopefully have it installed already ??

When i type dahdi show status or zap show status, i get the message “command not found”.
How do i run Zaptel or Dahdi? Can i run them on an already installed trixbox?


It sounds like you haven’t installed Dahdi yet if you go to the command line and type: “service dahdi start” what happens? If it’s installed correctly you should see a bunch of green OK’s.

If you haven’t installed it yet you should try googling “How to install Dahdi”

The very first link is => [ ] is a good one to read.

  • Brad

I have been able to set up the meet-me conf number, but when i dial the number from an extension it goes thru but there is welcome greeting, no sound at all.