X-LITE v3 (Registration error:408 - Request Timeout)

Hello.My x-lite v3 is refusing to register with the Asterisk server i have built.I have already configured sip.conf and extensions.conf.I have also configured the parameters required for in x-lite like the IP of the Asterisk server.My server has a static IP even though it is connected to a DSL 2640-T router.Do i need to disable anything in the router to allow for the x-lite to register.or am i missing something else.

Disable the firewall in you asterisk box with /etc/init.d/iptables stop
If you are outside of your LAN in your router permit the access to 5060 tcp port and open rtp ports for voice. And redirect to your asterisk server.

@navismo.i have been able to disable the firewall.Also and directly connnected to the router.Still i am unable to register.i v set nat=yes cos its enabled in the router.much help needed and thank 4 ur support

Do you define the externip or externhost in your sip.conf

no i don,t…this is the entire configuration in sip.conf



Define one in general section, the externhost is the domian the externip is your WANIP

i v defined externip= ie.my global ip.firewalls are turned off.still not registering.I am running the x-lite from my laptop which is in the same LAN as the asterisk server.In other words my laptop has assigned IP= and the asterisk server has IP= this setup is NAT still relevant.i really need to get this running

How xlite is registering? Do you enable the Register Domain option?

Please, open asterisk CLI, restart xlite and tell us if the CLI show anything when xlite try to register

i just restarted x-lite as well as asterisk…suprisingly it just REGISTERED.and there was output at the asterisk CLI>.After all your help i dont really know what made it work.Thanks a lot and any advice for me