What do I need to accomplish this?

Hi fellow Asteriskers,

We currently have the following setup:

  1. Long distance T1 line - outbound - MCI
  2. T1 incoming with DID’s - Qwest
  3. 5 analog lines for local outbound - Qwest (yeah it is silly but the Qwest line in 2. is not bidirectional.

They all are connected to a NEC NEAX 2000 PBX.

I have setup an Asterisk server and have no problem with 1 and 2, the long distance and incoming. I can either use 2 TE110P cards or 1 TE410P. But how do I hook Asterisk up with the 5 analog lines? Do I use TDM4XXB cards? If so how many do I need and which modules (FXO/FXS)? Or is there a way to interface with the NEC NEAX 2000 PBX?

All phones are IP phones that will communicate with Asterisk obviously so Asterisk will be setup to dial out over the analog lines if it is a local outbound call.

Any advice will be appreciated.


Digium TDM400P with 4 FXO ports (PArt #TDM04B) - should be about $325 for the card from Digium direct. Various alternatives out there, but we have used many TDM400’s without issue & it’s always good to support the guys that brought us Asterisk!

Thank you very much. Of course lets support them - if we just don’t have to hold so long on the phone when we call them :smile: My average for 6 calls so far is 20 min hold time.

May Asterisk take over the PBX world!