What hardware do I need?

I’ll be setting up an Asterisk system in my home for the first time. Here’s what I want to accomplish:
[li]My phone service provider -->> Asterisk -->> 4 independent analog phones (4 lines/extentions).[/li][/ul]
What would be the optimal hardware piece which would suit the situation above? Either PCI or standalone are fine with me. I was looking at Linksys/Sipura and Digium products but get confused with all the options I’m offered, and those FXO/FXS terms are still dark forest for me :confused:

Thanks for the help!

You need a 4 port FXS card.

The Digium TDM840B will give you the 4fxs ports you need now and the ability to add 4 more ports if necessary in the future (either fxo or fxs)

The Digium TDM40B will give you the 4 fxs ports you need now.

Thanks! one more question, TDM40B has 4 ports for my 4 telephones, where would the line from my phone provider go?

If you have analog lines from your provider as well, you’ll want to go ahead and get the TDM840B with an extra FXO module. The incoming lines will go into FXO and the analog phones will use the FXS ports.

For 1 FXO (inbounf from provider) and 4 FXS (outbound to extensions) you would want the TDM841B

The TDM8XYB cards are numbered so the X is the number of FXS ports and the Y is the number of FXO ports installed on the card. The 8 after the TD is the number of available ports on the card (ports can be FXO or FXS in any combination).