External FXO device for 4 or 5 line recommendations?

Hey everyone thanks for all your help you’re all great. I’m building my Asterisk box, and I want to connect 4 or 5 analog lines to my PBX. I was looking at the TDM400 cards which seem highly recommended which would allow 4 analog lines. My only concern is that I already have a PC I can use, but it’s a small form factor and from the looks of it, the TDM400 cards are full height PCI cards. To avoid buying a new PC, are there any other options? Such as USB devices in the same price range, that would give me 4 or preferably 5 analog lines? Can’t really seem to find any that are recommended, most I find seem to be for 1 FXO and that’s it. Thanks!

maybe use something like this? 8 ports $670, or a 4 port for $379.

connect your phone lines and a network cable, it then does sip to your server.