NEWBIE - Setting up a Home based PBX

Good morning to all. I am as new as it comes with pbx. I am a web designer. I would like some help and hints. I have downloaded and install this application asterisk. But I need someone to tell me all the hardwares I would need. If it can be outlined for me that would great.
What I need to connect my current phone line from bell to my linux box.
What I would need to connect the phone(s) and some pointers on configuration as well would be well appreciated.

Please, Please, Please.

If you have analog phones you would need an analog cars such as the TDM410 with an FXO modules to connect the asterisk to the telco and a number of FXS modules to connect your analog phones to the asterisk box.

Any recommeded vendors or model that I could get it? for each?

Thank you for your quick reply.

Search Google then eBay for digium cards.

Just the models I have been looking at lately. There are others.

TDM410 PCI Analog Card

X100M FXO Module - For the connection to the telcom.
s110M FXS Module - For each phone.

Would this one work and cover all cards? would only card does all that I need?


That looks like that would work. Keep in mind however that that card is being sold from China. Not sure if that matters but it is hard to verify the authenticity.

Any way you need to make sure it is configured for your solution IE.

1FXO daughter card for connection to telco. And 3 FSX daughter cards to connect analog phones to.

Got it, I’ll check to see if there’s any in the us. The thing is I am kinda lost with all this. So, from Digium I can get a dual card or I have to buy three separate ones?

Well what you do is buy the on TDM card and then you can get “daughter cards” that would be the fxo and fxs modules you need. they snap onto the TDM card. So it is essentially one card.

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I too am looking at getting started. I need to find out some things first.

I have already installed Asterisknow and played with it.
I want to use a VOIP Provider.
I want to then use some IP Based phones.
I want to use the Asterisk PBX for call routing,voicemail,forwarding,etc.
If I do get an IP based phone do I still need to get cards for the PBX or do I just configure the phones and PBX to see each other? I am also in the need of the provider for the internet phone line. I am looking for One Number maybe two, unlimited calls, unlimited minutes, Callerid, unlimited calls out/in at a time. Not to exceed 10.