3 analog lines, one fax, which Digium board?

Hi, I’m Jose from Argentina.

I’m trying to build an Asterisk server. I need to connect three external analog phone lines and a fax. Which Digium board should I buy?

And if I don’t need the fax? (four external analog phone lines)

Any help would be appreciated :smile:

3 analog lines and 1 fax:
tdm410 with 3 fxo modules and 1 fxs module.
4 analog lines and no fax:
tdm410 with 4 fxo modules.


Marco Bruni

That would be:

TDM413 for 1 FXS and 3 FXO

TDM404E for 0 FXS and 4 FXO

Is that correct?

Yes, is correct.


Marco Bruni

Thanks! :wink:

Any particular reason the fax has to connect to the Asterisk box? It really just needs to connect to an incoming analog line.

You could leave off the FXS module if you don’t really need it to connect.

Maybe I misundertood the documentation :blush:

I need to mantain the possibility of receiving faxes. So I thought I’d need a FXS module to plug the fax in (and set an IVR option to send a fax).

Are you saying that it’s better if I just use an extra line for that, independent of the lines Asterisk manage? That would mean an exclusive fax line with a different number. Am I correct?

That’s correct.

There’s no specific advantage to putting the fax line into the Asterisk system.

You’re better off keeping it out of the system. It makes your faxing less complicated. People don’t expect to send faxes through an IVR menu. They put the papers into the fax machine, dial the number, press send, and walk away.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll go with the TDM404E then.