Asterisk newbie need clarification

Couple quick questions for Asterisk users.

I’m thinking to setup Asterisk server for our new office.
The new office will have 4 lines from telephone company and at least 3 phones (probably SIP phones)
The hardware side, probably Pentium III 500, 512MB memory, 20GB hdd and NIC card.

But, I’m bit unsure about the PSTN interface card and SIP phones
Should I buy this Digium TDM400P with 4 FXO modules?
And all 4 lines connect to this card?

Also, about the SIP phones.
Am I intrepertation is correct on this?
The NIC card inside the computer should be connected to HUB/Switch and all SIP phones also connected to the same HUB/Switch.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, the Pentium III 500 should do just fine for your 4 lines. My main office PBX is running similar hardware with no issues.

The TDM400P would be your best option for connecting 4 analog (POTS) lines to your * PBX. It’s a single card solution and is fairly easy to configure.

As for the last question, yes your SIP phones need to have connectivity to the PBX, whether it be on the same switch or through a NAT device. I have 10 extensions on the same network as my PBX on our LAN. My * server also has a second NIC with a public IP address for my remote offices to connect.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info mxtreme311.

Can this Digium TDM400P (4 fxo bundle) card do IN and OUT bound call the same time? (total 4 lines)

I’m not planning to use VOIP provider yet at this moment, everything will be POTS

Yes, that card can complete 4 calls at the same time either in or outbound.