What conf files are a necessity .

For Asterisk 13.19.2 made the decision to not run make samples. This means all of the default *.conf files will not be installed. I have a list of what I think is a necessity. Asking the entire community this question and keep in mind there are no tdm cards installed. I am also going to research as well from my past training in the UK of Asterisk plus Sip Engineering Training.

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There is no absolute answer for this because it depends precisely on what Asterisk is being used for. You can trim it back quite a lot but for another person it might not be enough and not work for their scenario.

@jcolp thanks for the reply and I agree it is a tough call. One of the reasons for asking is the sipvicious attacks from having extensions.ael read during bootup. I see sip:1000@ a lot and have recorded the attempts.

When I last built a minimal install it looked like I used these files, Your use case may differ.


@johnkiniston this is a great start. My list was not far off from yours:

I included:

pjsip instead of sip

Did you type in a lot of noload in the modules.conf?

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I don’t build modules I don’t need so the autoloader is fine.

If I built everything then I’d likely noload some stuff.

@johnkiniston I do not build modules either, I have autoload turned on, but there is no tdm card it is a GCP Instance. What is installed is Asterisk and PJproject. For this type of installation, all the autoloaded modules are not necessary. Parsing the list to see what I need and do not need.

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noload => pbx_gtkconsole.so
noload => pbx_kdeconsole.so
noload => pbx_ael.so
noload => res_phoneprov.so
noload => app_minivm.so
noload => cel_sqlite3_custom.so
noload => res_ldap.so
noload => res_config_ldap.so
noload => res_fax_spandsp.so
noload => res_snmp.so
noload => res_config_pgsql.so
noload => res_jabber.so
noload => res_stun_monitor.so
noload => res_ais.so
noload => res_fax_digium.so
noload => res_calendar.so;Asterisk Calendar integration
noload => res_smdi.so;Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI)
noload => res_speech.so;Generic Speech Recognition API
noload => res_agi.so;Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)
noload => res_ael_share.so;share-able code for AEL
noload => res_fax.so;Generic FAX Applications
noload => app_sms.so;SMS/PSTN handler
noload => app_adsiprog.so;Asterisk ADSI Programming Application
noload => app_dahdiras.so;DAHDI ISDN Remote Access Server
noload => app_festival.so;Simple Festival Interface
noload => codec_alaw.so;A-law Coder/Decoder
noload => codec_ilbc.so;iLBC Coder/Decoder
noload => pbx_dundi.so;Distributed Universal Number Discovery
noload => app_speech_utils.so;Dialplan Speech Applications
noload => format_h263.so;Raw H.263 data
noload => app_mp3.so;Silly MP3 Application
noload => res_adsi.so;ADSI Resource
noload => res_rtp_multicast.so;Multicast RTP Engine
noload => app_amd.so;Answering Machine Detection Application
noload => func_enum.so;ENUM related dialplan functions
noload => codec_lpc10.so;LPC10 2.4kbps Coder/Decoder
noload => codec_g726.so;ITU G.726-32kbps G726 Transcoder
noload => app_nbscat.so;Silly NBS Stream Application
noload => app_celgenuserevent.so;Generate an User-Defined CEL event
noload => cel_manager.so;Asterisk Manager Interface CEL Backend
noload => app_followme.so;Find-Me/Follow-Me Application
noload => app_ices.so;Encode and Stream via icecast and ices
noload => format_mp3.so;MP3 format [Any rate but 8000hz mono is
noload => func_callcompletion.so;Call Control Configuration Function
noload => format_g726.so;Raw G.726 (16/24/32/40kbps) data
noload => app_dahdibarge.so;Barge in on DAHDI channel application
noload => app_dictate.so;Virtual Dictation Machine
noload => format_ilbc.so;Raw iLBC data
noload => app_flash.so;Flash channel application
noload => app_getcpeid.so;Get ADSI CPE ID
noload => app_image.so;Image Transmission Application
noload => func_pitchshift.so;Audio Effects Dialplan Functions
noload => codec_a_mu.so;A-law and Mulaw direct Coder/Decoder
noload => format_g719.so;ITU G.719
noload => format_jpeg.so;jpeg (joint picture experts group) image
noload => chan_multicast_rtp.so;Multicast RTP Paging Channel
noload => app_talkdetect.so;Playback with Talk Detection
noload => app_test.so;Interface Test Application
noload => cel_custom.so;Customizable Comma Separated Values CEL
noload => format_vox.so;Dialogic VOX (ADPCM) File Format
noload => app_externalivr.so;External IVR Interface Application
noload => app_disa.so;DISA (Direct Inward System Access) Appli
noload => format_g723.so;G.723.1 Simple Timestamp File Format
noload => app_alarmreceiver.so;Alarm Receiver for Asterisk
noload => format_h264.so;Raw H.264 data
noload => app_morsecode.so;Morse code

@johnkiniston this is what your modules.conf looks like presently? What version of Asterisk do you have installed and is in the cloud or on-premise?

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It’s in a private cloud. I think that modules list is from a version 13 machine.