Is pbx_ael necessay?

Installing asterisk 13.21.0 bundled with pjsip_project, no tdm cards want to slim the installation of features and products that are not necessarily needed. Does pbx_ael need to be installed?




If you search I recently replied to someone who was building a minimal modules.conf file with just what they needed to run their PBX.

Thanks @johnkiniston

@johnkiniston yes I remember this but that was 13.19.2 we are at 13.21.0 and I noticed some considerable changes so I wanted to repost to make sure. Remember one of the questions about what modules are a necessity and I noticed a few moments while in menu select odbc has been retired so the question now is if a mysql is installed how will asterisk connect with it? :call_me_hand:

ODBC hasn’t been retired. A specific ODBC module may be, and we only really retire modules like that at the creation of a new major branch.

@jcolp cool wanted to make sure before I install mysql for asterisk :call_me_hand: