Starting Asterisk SIP server

I am new to Asterisk. I Built it. I think it is PBX though. How can I get the SIP server to run?

Have you actually installed it? If so then SIP is already running if Asterisk is running.

Provide a valid sip.conf (and make sure you actually included sip when you ran make menuconfig). If you run make samples, that will provide a valid sip.conf.

I get a "Failed to load module error, when I updates the modules.conf to require I am not sure what the chan_sip dependency is. I was able to select it with menuselect. and it did compile and it is ins the same directory as the rest of the .so files of asterisk.

That would typically mean that the sip.conf file is invalid or missing.

The easiest approach is to run make samples, and then to trim down the configuration, rather than to try and configure from cold. Just note that the make samples SIP configuration has allowguest=yes, which is not normally desirable on production systems.

Thanks. That worked.
Is there a place to go to get a description of all keywords and options?

They are in those sample configuration files! Even the appendices of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony (and, presumably, The Definitive Guide), is really just an edited version of those files, and of the output of core show application, etc.

Spoke too soon. Make samples had changed the modules.conf and was not being loaded. Any other ideas?

The whole point of make samples is that it provides a configuration that you can play with almost out of the box. The autoload=yes should be sufficient.

Just to make sure I understand, I do not need the line “require =”.
Is there a way that I can verify that SIP is loaded and running?

module show like sip

or, but the syntax may have changed:

help sip

or, or course, any sip show commands, e.g.

sip show peers
sip show registry
sip show users
sip show channels

Thanks a lot. You were great help.