How to install only necessary sample files?

I’m a newbie in Asterisk and I got one question: I’ve installed Asterisk properly and I’ve installed sample files using “make samples” command. But I just want to have necessary sample files, because I want to learn Asterisk through the setup in “The Future of Telephony” book. If I install Asterisk without “make samples” command, then it shows me some warnings in loading Asterisk such as “missing modules.conf” and when I make my own extensions.conf file, I see nothing in “dialplan show”.

How can I have only necessary config files (for proper Asterisk loading and working), without any user-defined config files?


I have not heard of a way to pick and choose sample files, but what you can do, is slowly erase the commented out sections and anything that you dont want in the conf files and then when you are satisfied reload asterisk and then try dialplan show

Tnx very much, it would be my last option if I don’t find any smarter. In the meantime I’ll wait for some other possible solutions :smile:


If you want to learn then the samples are the best option,

[quote]I just want to have necessary sample files[/quote] All the files are necessary, as if you miss any out modules will complain. Also the samples will be more upto date that TFOT sampels.


You can get away with just having modules.conf (with autoload=yes), one of the channel driver config files (sip.conf, iax.conf, etc), and extensions.conf

make samples basically just takes the files in the /asterisk source/configs/ directory and copies the files into /etc/asterisk/

If you want logging, you’d need logger.conf, and if you want basic text cdr’s cdr.conf.