Weird polycom 501 ftp problem

I’ve invested in a couple polycom 501 phones for voip testing, the only problem is they dont seem to want to connect to my VSFTP server on my fedora 4 box.

heres an output of /var/log/messages regarding the login attempts, they all pretty much look the same except for the timestamp :confused:

Mar 15 15:44:02 vivian vsftpd(pam_unix)[16922]: check pass; user unknown
Mar 15 15:44:02 vivian vsftpd(pam_unix)[16922]: authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty= ruser= rhost=
Mar 15 15:44:05 vivian vsftpd(pam_unix)[16924]: check pass; user unknown
Mar 15 15:44:05 vivian vsftpd(pam_unix)[16924]: authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty= ruser= rhost=

Looks as though the phone isnt sending authentication information to the server. I want rammstein as a ringtone :smiley:

may sound dumb, but we have had great success just using TFTP as our transfer protocol with our polycoms…i don’t know that i’ve ever gotten FTP to work properly (but then again, I would have only spent a few minutes playing with it).

have you checked to ensure you can login to your FTP server from, say, a browser using the same credentials?

I can log in from a shell or dos, but cant log in from a browser using either

or ftp://username:password@ip.address

does the 501 need this type of login?

not that i’m aware…

just thinking out loud…

if you’re using DHCP, make sure the phone is able to grab an IP address.

if you’re using static addresses, make sure the phone can route to the FTP server.

past that, i’d start looking at hardware - perhaps you have a bad port or bad cable.

good luck.

It looks to me like the phone is trying to login as user ‘root’ which is almost guaranteed to be forbidden by any sane ftp server. Beyond that, I can’t say…

The Polycoms (if completely unconfigured) look for Option 66 tftp-server-name from DHCP for the name/IP address of the FTP server. They use the following credentials to attempt to login:

Username: PlcmSpIp
Password: PlcmSpIp

My Polycoms don’t need any manual configuration and they work just fine with vsftpd. I plug 'em into the network and away they go. :smile:

I think it has something to do with the way polycoms connect to FTP. I cant seem to get a browser to connect, and in messages it notes the same login attempt weirdness(no username, no passwd.) Something on my VSFTPD is screwey because I can connect using a client, but not through a browser. 20 and 21 are open on my linux box.

I’ve decided to go the way of Solarwinds TFTP on a client machine behind our firewall. whenever I need to do provisioning I load it up and the phones connect, otherwise they run in their own little pre config’d world. I might dedicate an old box to a TFTP server for the phones, but that seems like overkill.

How often do you provision phones by network? aside from uploading ringtones I dont see much need for it in a 50 phone deployment.

here’s a thought: browsers usually connect as user anonymous unless you tell it otherwise. vsftpd is probably disabling anonymous ftp.

browser based log in is explicitly declared as username and PW, still no go. :confused:

weird. don’t know what to tell you. the log message sure looks like it isn’t passing anything…

I agree. From the original post, it does not look like the phone passed any username or password to the ftp server.

If you really want to see what is going on, I suggest using tcpdump/ethereal to monitor the ethernet inteface on your ftp serve box and look at what is passing back and forth during the initial connections.


Hey, cool idea I hadnt thought of doing anything with etherial. Thanks!