Polycom IP600: Could not contact boot server

Hi all, :unamused:

I have been following this wonderful link voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … honesbspan to configure my IP 600.

However, I keep getting “Could not contact boot server” on the IP phone.
I checked and double-checked but I could not see anything wrong.

Then one thing comes to my mind: the tutorial says to use vsftpd which is Secure FTP. However, on the phone, in the Server Menu, under Server Type, it only has FTP, FTPS (which is FTP over SSL), HTTP and HTTPS.

So, it seems that vsftpd is not suitable for any of the above protocols.

Am I right?

The phone is using SIP

Thanks in advance.

No, vsftpd is an ftp server so it should be ok, check if the firewall is blocking the ftp port on the server and also try use an ftp client to see if the setup of the ftp server is ok.


Thanks for your quick reply.

On a XP client, I issued ftp command to try to connect to the boot server but I got time out and no response.

However, if I use psftp to connect, then I can. So, what does it mean?

Also, one more piece of information - I am working behind the firewall and thus is not affected by any firewall rules at all.

Seems to me you are running an sftp server (perhaps sshd ?) on the server and not an ftp server, check if vsftpd is running on server and don’t get confused by its name (vsftpd is very secure ftpd and means it is designed with securìty in mind but it uses the ftp protocol).


Another igorance got rid of! :laughing:

I am using FC6. We need to turn off the firewall and modify SELinux policy to allow ftp to read/write in the user home directories.

Just run the following:

/sbin/service iptables stop

/usr/sbin/setsebool -P ftp_home_dir 1