Anyone good with Polycom's?

Anyone good with configuring polycoms to work with asterisk? If so please let me know. I’m having the hardest time connecting my Polycom to my server. I just want to do a manual configuration on the phone. I cant even get into the web interface, it sppears to be disabled.

You are best off setting up an FTP or TFTP server for the Polycom to get its info. I’ve discovered the hard way that when you manually configure a Polycom, new settings don’t necessarily seem to replace old settings. A Polycom I was working with kept sending the wrong username when trying to auth, when I was trying to just configure it manually.

Do you know of any good in depth tutorials or references on how to do this? I’m not too familiar with this approach as I’ve only been working with Snom’s up until now. Thanks!

The wiki has a lot of info and several links to other sources.