Logon problems with AMP / SSH / FTP

We are using A@H 2.7

We are experiencing a number of oddities with our Asterisk box. This box has been running fine for weeks and then this stuff started happening.

Here is a list of the things that are happening

  • We are using VSFTP to provision our Polycom phones, they are unable to reliably connect to the FTP daemon.

  • When logging on to AMP you should be prompted with a username/password with the realm of “Restricted Area” - most of the time we are prompted for a username/password for the realm of device - when this happens we are unable to logon to AMP.

  • We get randomly disconnected from SSH, and at times are unable to logon via SSH.

We are always able to ping the box without packet loss - this really has us baffled. We have checked all the logs and don’t see anything that is raising any red flags…

Anyone have any ideas?

This does not seem to affect the functionality of the phones at all, just the administration of the box…


bump… anyone have any ideas?

We have another A@H server running in another location and it is fine…

You could try a full shutdown and unplug the box and make sure all the cards and plugs are fully seated in the motherboard and devices. You would be amazed how many times cards and plugs wiggle loose from expansion and contraction and cause random problems like this.

If that doesn’t work I would replace the network card, ethernet cable, and/or change switch ports to eliminate physical layer problems.