Voicemail won't answer

So, I have been having some issues with the PBX lately, and one of them is, that Voicemail will no longer pick up. I have tried to adjust the time in which voicemail doesn’t answer, but it appears that the transfer to the voicemail doesn’t work…thoughts on how to fix this? What file is/may be missing or screwed up? (I have had a file disappear on me somehow here and there.)

More details:
When a call comes in, the voicemail from the PBX never picks up, and instead it goes to the automatic voicemail from my DID provider.

When a call comes in, if I press “Ignore” or hangup on the call, I have to do it 3 times, otherwise it just continues to ring (which leads me to believe some file is just pointed at the wrong place).

I am running Freepbx with Asterisk 1.4. It used to work, but lately a few files have mysteriously disappeared and I just don’t know which one is gone.


Update - In doing further testing, the log files seem ok, but it is only for 1 extension. All other extensions function properly.

updated with additional info

Can you disable the DID provider voicemail or change the length of rings?

Show us the complete cli output when you are testing this behavior.

has nothing to do with DID provider voicemail. I have changed length of rings to try different scenarios. It goes to “call failed” but just for my extension.