Voicemail not working

Hello since a couple of days ago my asterisk server which I setup through FreePBX stop recording the calls. A few days ago was working fine but now, my voicemail is not ansering, and the incoming calls are not recorded. What can it be the problem?.


make sure that voicemail module is loded . if not load it and if you encounter any error in console put it here.

  1. asterisk -r
  2. module load app_voicemail.so

It said

module load app_voicemail.so
Unable to load module app_voicemail.so
Command ‘module load app_voicemail.so’ failed.
[Apr 23 05:10:40] WARNING[19862]: loader.c:829 load_resource: Module ‘app_voicemail.so’ already exists.

It seems that is working what else can it be?


Did you apply any FreePBX updates? Is so, did you ‘apply changes’? You could also force FreePBX to rebuild diaplan code by going into an extension and clicking ‘submit’ without making any changes.

Can you try a ‘module unload app_voicemail’ followed by a ‘module load app_voicemail’?

Can you post the output from the Asterisk CLI, with verbose set to at lease 3, which shows a call that does not work properly?

I found the problem it was that I had changed Ringtimer but not CallForward Ringtimer, if one sets this last one the system starts to record and the voicemail starts to run again.

Thanks for all the help