Voicemail email only working on some extensions


I’m pretty new to Asterisk and have taken on the management of our in-house system.
I have a problem in that voice mail email notifications only seem to work for some of the extensions, even though others appear to be configured in the same way.

Can someone please help me get started in diagnosing the issue?

Kind regards,


Are you using voicemail.conf or realtime for your voicemail configuration?

Can you post a working user and a non working user?

What happens when it does not work?

I believe we are using voicemail.conf as I have found this file and viewed the contents.

Sorry to seem dumb but what exactly do you want to see? I’ve so far compared the extension settings via freePBX administration both from the extensions list and voicemail admin areas and I cannot see a difference between a working extension and one that is not.

We just don’t get a message, I’m not sure how I can check what happens when it fails as I really am very new to this.

Is there anything in the mail log for the system? Are you getting a bounced message back in roots mailbox?

You may have more luck at http://community.freepbx.org as that site is for FreePBX specific questions.

Thanks for the pointers, I’ve found the mail log and there are some errors in it, although I think this would imply that the working extensions have different mail settings.
I’m not sure how I access the root mailbox and I’ve so far failed to find where the mail server configuration settings are despite having found some useful articles on the subject.
Anyway, I will post a message in the FreePBX community as you suggested but thanks for your help.