Voicemail sounds problem

Hello all,

I am having a problem with the sounds of voicemail…I cannot hear them
from the telephones that I have connected (Grandstream Budge Tone-100)…The weird thing is that before an hour everything was ok,but not now!!
In the console of asterisk it shows that the particular sound plays,but i cannot hear anything…

Any idea???

PS for example
– Executing Voicemail(“SIP/201-0819f6d8”, “u200@testmail”)
– Playing ‘vm-theperson’ (language ‘en’) //but I don’t hear anything!!!


Which codec are the phones using?

this could well be a NAT related issue. If Asterisk and the phones are on the same network, set nat=no and then on the phone turn off STUN.

vm-theperson voice file is in gsm format.
You should add to your Grandstream Budge Tone-100 phone extension

allow = gsm