Voicemail - No Audio


I’m having some trouble with voicemail in asterisk at the moment.
When I leave a voicemail message from SIP or IAX channels, it sounds fine.
Same for Phone to Phone messages as well.

The problem starts with ISDN. We have Fritz PCI Card in our server at the moment. Audio quality sounds fine on inbound and outbound channels. Try and leave a voice message from the ISDN lines to voicemail and it doesnt even detect a voice and hangups up after 5 seconds of silence.

Listening to the message left, you would be lucky to get half a second of sound and then nothing.

I’ve tried switching from wav to wav49 to gsm and they all sound the same.

Has anybody come across this before? The fritz card is using the a-law codec, because as soon as I switch to u-law the quality becomes awful. Broken up and a lot of static.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Should have also mentioned im using asterisk at home 1.5, which includes asterisk 1.0.9