NO SOUND - asterisknow 1.4 (vmware)

When i dial to the voicemail (8500) i am unable to hear the voice menu…
Is it some bug or I’ve misconfigured something?


first check the CLI to see what it says. if its going through the motions but you are not hearing sound, then you have one way audio problems. in sip.conf set externip= and localnet=, forward port 5060 and any range of ports you then define in rtp.conf to the * box. now set nat=yes and canreinvite=no. Finally for phones behind your NAT, disable STUN, and set nat=no for those phones. does that help?

YES!! UUHHHUUUU I really like this forum!

Thanks : )

ps.: I am aiming to know very well the asterisk, i am really enjoying this software!