Issue with playing sounds in asterisk

I’m having a problem where no sounds are played. It does not matter where the sound is played from; Playback() exibits the same behavior.

When calling in, this is what I see.

-- Executing VoiceMail("SIP/", "u12345") in new stack
-- Playing 'vm-theperson' (language 'en')

<no sound played, execution stops>

It does not lock up asterisk, and it still properly detects when I hang up the line. I’ve checked permissions and everything else I know to check but I havn’t gotten anywhere with it.

Thank you for your time.

check your codecs - if * can’t find a translation path between whatever codec you’re using and whatever the sound file format is, it will fail.

you might need to turn additional debugging on, but you should see an error on the CLI regardless - my guess would be on the codec, at this point.

All codecs are in place and loaded and increasing the verbosity does not tell me anything else.

from startup:
== Registered file format wav, extension(s) wav
== Registered file format pcm, extension(s) pcm|ulaw|ul|mu
== Registered file format au, extension(s) au
== Registered file format gsm, extension(s) gsm
== Registered file format wav49, extension(s) WAV|wav49

Do you perhaps have a T1 card in the system that doesn’t have the module loaded?

i didn’t say verbosity, i said debugging.

make sure the console is set to display DEBUG messages and try again - you will get a whole lot more useful information that way.

That is what the problem was! How on earth would having a T1 card without drivers loaded affect the VM system like that?