Voicemail Logging


Is there any way to be able to log when a voicemail gets left onto the system with the following info:

  1. Which extension logs into the box to check messages.
  2. The keys the user presses while checking messages.
  3. Which specific message the actions were taken against (MSG0001 doesn’t tell me anything, especially after the message has been deleted).

For points 1 and 2, I can wade through the Full asterisk log, and I know when an extension enters their password to check the message and i have DTMF logging enabled, so I know which keys the user is hitting.

The main problem is with point 3. I can only figure out the messages if the users let the message envelope play (I’ll see the lines playing back the audio for various parts of the envelope), if they press 1 to skip it, I do not know which message is being acted on.

Also, is there any cleaner way to look up this info, aside from looking through the full log file.

Thank you!