Checking voicemail problem

Sorry, my first Asterisk install and I need a little help. I have search for the answer but have been unable to find.

I thought I had voicemail set up to send message via email only by checking “Send messages by e-mail only” in the GUI under Voicemail. But, my phone keep flashing saying there is a message.

Now my real problem is that I can not check these messages using my phone. I dial 85# to get into the voicemail, but when it asks for the mailbox and password I get “login incorrect”. The pause after asking for the mailbox is so long (even if I hit # after the number), so it is almost like it is timing out instead of actually reading my input. Like it is not reading my key presses after I have entered the voicemail system. The pause after the password is long too, then I get “login incorrect”.

Is there any thing that would cause this? Any ideas on what I have configured wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Is there a message board with more activity that I should post this on. I know it is an elementary question, but I need to resolve.

Did you ever get your answer? I had the exact same problem, and it turned out to be a setting on my Grandstream instrument. In my device’s setup, there was a setting for “Send DTMF:” and I had “in-audio” checked (set). After I checked “via SIP INFO”, I could log into voicemail. (I left “in-audio” checked, BTW, so I could still use other POTS services).