Voicemail tracking


Is there a way for Asterisk to let a user know if someone has listened to a voicemail that was left for them? I’ve got a client that is looking for that functionality. The boss leaves a voicemail message and wants to know when the person listens to the message.

I’ve searched through the forum and I’m currently hitting Google but so far am coming up empty handed.

Thanks for your help!


Since its VERY unlikely that you NOT listen to all of your messages when dialing into the voicemail extension (standard 8500), simply check the CDR for calls from the extension to the voicemailext.

A nice and easy webinterface:
areski.net/areski/index.php? … &Itemid=54[/url]

The only problem with that is if I parse the CDR records and tell my client’s senior partner that his voicemail was listened to, and it wasn’t, I’m going to get my butt handed to me on a platter. :smile:

I found a bounty for this feature so it seems that someone is either working on it or it’s on a piece of paper somewhere. I don’t need it now, but it will make at least one of my clients happy when it is finally implemented.


Well, another solution would be, to disable the VM listener extension in asterisk and put it on a website, there are scripts for it.

There its most easy to write a logentry whenever some1 is accessing a message. The log could be that detailled showing every little fart.
But remember to COPY all VM’s, because the log would only show “accessed message 654-65.wav” - but who knows that your boss’ message was 654-65.wav ? So you need a copy of the VM files to compare if it was the boss-msg.

Asterisk comes with a script for that (dont remember the name, voicemail.cgi or so).

If you want to do it with Asterisk, you need to hack the source - cuz VM is handled as an application and not going through a script (where you can hook into…)