Voice capable GSM modems for Linux


I’d need some tips for voice capable GSM modems which work under Linux. (Or Free/Open/etc. BSD.) Both USB or PCIe ones are okay, until they work.
Currently i only have ones which either do not react to any AT command, or they refuse to picking up the incoming call, or no sound (in fact, nothing) comes in in /dev/ttyUSB1 after picking up (no, AT^DDSETEX=2 did not help).

Also, i’ve ran into this several times: i plug the USB dongle into the machine and the modem is in either mass storage mode or in internet mode and no /dev/ttyUSB# comes up without modeswitching and then i cannot find what should go into MessageContent in /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/xyz; isn’t there any site which enlists these by vendor and product?

Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.

For the time I successfully set up USB Huawei E1550 with cellular unlocking, which works with voice and sms.
Also I tested Quecel EC25 via mPCIE-to-USB as well as Simcom 7600H-G.
But with Quectel and Simcom is one semi issue - codecs.
For unknown for me reasons there is transcodding appears.
All wok on Ubuntu 18.04/22.04 both x64 with Asterisk 20.4.0 and built bt my own appropriate channel drivers - chan_dongle and chan_qurtel.

What help do you exactly need ?

Thank you for the suggestions.

This is exactly the help i need: the name of hardwares i can use. And some kind of general info about what to do, if i face a modem which is not in the right mode and i’d need the data for MessageContent in /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/xyz.

Regarding Quecteland Simoc, there wasn’ t necessary to use Usb_modeswitch.
Regarding Huawei E1550, there are some links at Google/Yandex where you can find procedure of preparing of the dongle to using with Asterisk.

By searching for “Huawei E1550 asterisk”, i only found forum topics like these:

In these topics people either say it does not work for them, or it does, but they did not tell how did they manage to make it work.

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