A working module for USB voice modems (dongles)

Colleagues, please tell me, is there currently a working module to support voice USB modems?
Once upon a time there were several of these, but then they stopped compiling, and the developers mysteriously disappeared.

Is there a working solution now?

Thanks in advance,

Speaking from purely a project perspective, there are no channel drivers included for such a thing and none have been contributed previously.

What’s wrong with these devices? I remember a huge wave of activity 10-15 years ago. Several versions of such drivers were supported at the same time, and users massively bought modems with unlocked voice. I don’t really understand why Digium pretended not to see this.

I have no experience with them so can’t comment, 'nor do I know of anyone who did use them.

Judging by your words, you are a happy person who has no worries or problems.
I’m even ready to believe that you have never installed Asterisk in the London slums, the favelas of Sao Paulo and the Moscow district “Western Biryulyovo”!

Such an attitude will not endear you to people from whom you might desire
assistance and expertise in the future.

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Really, I didn’t want to offend anyone! Alas, I am not a native English speaker, and perhaps my joke came with an unplanned intonation. Moreover, I, too, have never been to the terrible places listed, but I watched films about them on the Travel+ satellite channel.

especialy as an ATA is cheaper than a PC with a USB voice modem
and just work out the box

Hello! Could you provide an example of an ATA device? I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to.

Here's a clear example: GoIP with 8 channels is priced at $348. Dividing by 8, the cost per GSM channel is $43.5.

Similarly, the Huawei E1750 is listed at $14 while locally it's sold for $7.

well you newer mention that you were talking abut GSM dongles
what is the cost of just using the dongel for internet and make VoIP calls ?

probaly to expensive

As far as I understand, you asked how much GSM communication and internet services cost. Speaking about the prices for GSM communication and internet services, I have a “Family” plan for $9.35, which includes home internet and 3 SIM cards with unlimited calls within the operator’s network. There are also special business plans with even more favorable prices.

just what the cost of maing SIP calls over DATA (GSM/VoLTE) would be in contrast to Voice GSM calls
also trying to figure out what is your buisness case, or is it just a hoppy project
nothing wrong with hoppy project as thay are always fun to do, but rearly save any monny when you include developer time :slight_smile:

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I also join the request to explain what an ATA device is. I only know this modem command.

ATA = Analog Telephone Adabter
that allow you to connect POTS devices “Plain Old Telephone Service”
and convert the call to sip

As for DATA (GSM/VoLTE), I can’t say anything due to my poor knowledge of English and the flawed Google translator. However, I agree regarding development, given that everything depends on the set task. For example, if my task is to receive SMS, and upon an incoming call, it is necessary to check the presence of the number in the phone book. If it’s not there, we say, ‘Your number is not in the database, go :ok_hand::grin:For such purposes, it will be quite suitable, and there is no need to develop anything; everything is already in place!

The device you presented is, abstractly speaking, quite good.
But, firstly, it costs as much as a Boeing wing.
Secondly, it is hardware dependent. It can no longer be used in a modern computer, where only PCI-e. Soon all the money spent on it will turn into trash.
Thirdly, this device undoubtedly depends on the DAHDI driver, with which, from time to time, everything can be very bad.

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It’s strange, in Brooklyn and Brighton Beach completely other devices are called “POTS”. However, they can also connect…

ATA devices are indeed inexpensive, but we have almost no analog network. It has been cut for metal, and it is one and a half times more expensive than GSM!

My friend, you are trying to change the topic of discussion. According to the principle - “if you don’t have bread, eat cakes.”
We did not discuss the advantages of 4G VoIP services, which, alas, are not yet available everywhere. We discuss a module for working with unlocked USB modems.
At the same time, no one will argue that being healthy and rich is much better than being poor and sick.
Of course, I don’t want to offend you.

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