Usb 3g modem to make/receive calls

i do need to make/receive calls from GSM networks. i have seen the chan_dongle and i have tried to install the software and it was successful. before that i have enabled voice to the USB 3g modem (Huawei e169) and i checked with the dc unlocker client that it is unlocked and voice enabled.
when i do run asterisk -rvv i do dongle show devices and the system some times sees the device and sometimes not. all the time i am getting the following errors:
[color=#0040FF][Apr 17 11:46:24] ERROR[1251]: chan_dongle.c:436 do_monitor_phone: [dongle0] timedout while waiting ‘OK’ in response to ‘AT’
– [dongle0] Error initializing Dongle
– [dongle0] Dongle has disconnected
[Apr 17 11:52:29] WARNING[779]: chan_sip.c:3900 __sip_xmit: sip_xmit of 0xb580c0d8 (len 387) to (null) returned -1: Invalid argument
– [dongle0] Trying to connect on /dev/ttyUSB1…
– [dongle0] Dongle has connected, initializing…
[Apr 17 11:52:32] ERROR[825]: chan_dongle.c:436 do_monitor_phone: [dongle0] timedout while waiting ‘OK’ in response to ‘AT’
– [dongle0] Error initializing Dongle
– [dongle0] Dongle has disconnected[/color]

my config in the /etc/asterisk/dongle.conf is:
calling group
exten=6912345670 ;my number



any ideas?

i got a solution.
i removed the

and it finds everything through IMEI

I was looking for this precise post. Please bear with me - tell me the steps you took. My post is at this link: Voice call from PC with USB modem, SIM & close-talk headset
Do you use a Graphical User Interface and a particular Display Manager? What front end do you use? And if possible, could you list the relevant codes using the Code on the top of this editor? It helps very much, you know!

And how did you arrive at the point: [quote]…my config in the /etc/asterisk/dongle.conf is…:[/quote]
I use both Debian and Knoppix systems and don’t have Windows at all at home.
My deepest regards…

better late than never.

I am running it in a system without any gui. it is running debian squueze (6.0.6), asterisk 11.
all i had to do is:
-unclock the dongle and turn it to voice only
-plug it to the system (usb) and identify which port is using
-follow which has all the info from unlocking to working with the dongle.

the best dongle for the dongle is Huawei e169. As i mentioned earlier the system is without a gui. there are errors reported to systems with gui.

Asterisk forum moderators have removed my post Voice call from PC with USB modem, SIM & close-talk headset. Don’t know why.
What I wanted was to use my modem to call using GSM network with a close talk headset and not the IP or SIP telephony protocols. That way I intended to use my laptop or PC as a mobile phone.
It is good that you are using successfully your modem, but I can’t. I tired Amatix but the provider doesn’t even bother to respond to my emails requesting for suggestions. The live CD, run via emulation doesn’t load some modules.
At times, I get really fed up with the huge information overload of the open source systems. I have posted on the issue in various fora - Debian, Knoppix, Stackoverflow, Ubuntu, etc., but am yet to receive a response. Aren’t the open source guys researching into this area?
I can’t even find a software that reads and writes SIM card data without asking for a few package installation.
Thanks for responding. I thought I should acknowledge your gesture. So belated thanks!