[SOLVED] Make and Receive calls and SMS with dongle

Someone can say to me if possible make and receive calls and SMSs using a dongle interface with SIM cards in an Asterisk server?


Of course…that it is posible.

Well, How can do that? do you know any post of material how to setup it?

Well, have you googled anything… What were you able to find yourself?

I googled “asterisk sms dongle” loads of info

But to make it even more easy for you: http://wiki.e1550.mobi/doku.php?id=usage
Start with that… And google some more.

Try to look after my posts.

Solved, I both a USB hub and 2 modens and testes to receive calls and SMS, for the both worked well, but I bouth the recommend brand and model to do it.

Huawei E160

I read about many problems with different kind of equipaments, but I didn’t get it.