Using Asterisk to send and receive SMS

Hello All, I am a total newbie to telecommunications software. I have Ubuntu 14.04 on which I installed Asterisk latest version. I have no clue how to configure it to send and receive sms, all the wiki pages and blogs use high technical jargon and I am unable to figure it out!

Please help me how to do the following:

  1. Connecting my Nexus 4 mobile to Asterisk Server or let me know if any compatible device, will buy it
  2. Further steps to be able to send and receive sms (please provide some detailed steps for a newbie like me)

Appreciate your help!

Asterisk is a not a next,next,finish-product. You 'll need to learn quite some things.
Start with the Asterisk, the definitive guide (free download at

Answering your question: you can install a Huawei dongle and use chan_dongle.
More on chan_dongle you can find at

hi try to install kannel in asterisk server and edit kannel.conf file and replace with your mobile modem settings in smpp and user.use online support to install kannel and its configuration

Hi Tom,

I have followed the site that you posted, … mment-3585

I am now able to get dongle up and running, but still unable to send or receive sms…

-------------- Status -------------
Device : dongle0
State : GSM not registered
Audio : /dev/ttyUSB0
Data : /dev/ttyUSB1
Voice : No
SMS : Yes
Manufacturer : huawei
Model : E220
Firmware :
IMEI : 358193018439159
IMSI : 310410717930050
GSM Registration Status : Not registered, but searching
RSSI : 99, unknown or unmeasurable

It says GSM not registered. I am using Huawei E220 on ubuntu 14.04 and at&t sim. Did some troubleshooting but could not find solution. Appreciate your help!

Are you sure that you disabled the pin on the sim?
Kind regards,

I disabled the lock sim card option on my nexus 4 before removing the sim…no lock therefore!
Is it because huawei e220 modem is locked and i have to unlock it? or someone suggested AT commands to register sim…I couldn’t make out where I should be using them…
Appreciate your help!