Using Asterisk PBX For Answering Service - Advanced function

Here’s what I want…

I want our current Asterisk PBX system to work in a way so that when a call comes in for an answering service client, a screen will POP UP with a script for any agent who will answer the call in que, so they know what company they are answering for, what people a person might ask for, and what to do with the message (text it, email it, etc.) after they’ve taken it.

Does anyone know if the system can do this, or has anyone already developed a similar solution? Please let me know as soon as possible.

I have the Asterisk PBX installed in our call center. (We are based in the Philippines). I want to extend the capability of what the Inbound PBX can currently do. (Or maybe I’m just not aware it can already do this…)


You may to use the AMI (asterisk manager interface) event sending capability for that requirement. You may also try SendText, that is if your phones support text (not sms) transmission.

I don’t need a texting system - I need the system that will pop up with a script when a client with an assigned DID calls IN. Is there an existing program like that for the Asterisk PBX ?

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that sounds like my own app bbNotify.agi !! coupled with YAC it works just great.

best bet is to develop your own. AGI is dead easy to work with, so 10 minutes with a text editor and phpmyadmin and you’ll be done.


Before your workstation can do some popping, it’s got to receive something from Asterisk. That’s why i suggest to you, to make use of the SendText() or a program from your worsktation to login to AMI to receive event information or an AGI. With a SIP client for example, it’ll receive a SIP method, “Message” whenever Asterisk runs SendText() in the dialplan, this similar to your IM (Windows Messenger/YM). Making use of the “Message” and pop it into the screen or make some extra processing before pop up is your assignment. The good thing is Asterisk has already that feature you want. :smile:


Please ignore my previous message, you cannot use sendtext for that matter. Sorry.

[quote=“baconbuttie”]that sounds like my own app bbNotify.agi !! coupled with YAC it works just great.

best bet is to develop your own. AGI is dead easy to work with, so 10 minutes with a text editor and phpmyadmin and you’ll be done.[/quote]

This will work for an answering service solution? For a call center? Would you care to work on a solution like this remotely then? Or instruct my programmer. I know this was in the developer forum but I’m not much of a developer. In fact I need assistance.


to be honest, i’ve enough application work on my plate already, as tempting as it is to drop boring service records in favour of anything asterisk-related.

get your programmer to drop me a mail … tony [at] baconbuttie [dot] co [dot] uk and i’ll send him my AGI. it’s far from complete for the job you have, but it will be enough to give him some direction.

if you don’t get the progress you want, i can probably help you somewhat more from mid-April onwards. i’m stacked out until then with work and a week @ EuroDisney/Disneyland Paris … well, we all need a break sometime !!

another option is to use FOP (Flash Operator Panel). This application makes it quite easy to have any webpage you program pop open as an extension rings. However, I think it only allows for the CALLERID as a variable and it sound like you need the DID as the variable. Another downside to FOP, if my memory serves me, is that you need to program each extension seperately for this pop up function. So you can’t do it accross the board for all your agents. But I may be wrong, check it out.

Best bet is to write your own client, but be carefully having too many people logged into Asterisk’s AMI at the same time, might slow down Asterisk. There are some AMI proxies out there…

I’m not a programmer - all I know is what I want. :smile: Can you please advise on a consultant? Should I tell a programmer what you’ve told me here? There’s no “out of the box” solution for this stuff? Why hasn’t someone designed something like this before?

Forgive me for posting on this topic again. I this already resolved? Anyway, are your agent using SIP softphone and are you using AgentCallbackLogin? As I mentioned before Asterisk has an application, the sendtext, which can trigger your agent station to POP-UP on the screen, the info you gathered from the caller thru the IVR.

Sorry, I think there’s no “out of the box” solution for your requirement. Simply, because its a client side capability. But I can assure you, Asterisk thru AGI or sendtext can sent out info.

Sounds like an easy deal to setup, yes?

As I stated before it depens on the phone side (sip softphone) or agent station side capability to handle Message transmitted by the Asterisk and to pop the message on the screen subsequently. Please see the example below, to give you an idea. Using a sip softphone (XTEN PRO) log, you’ll see that the Asterisk sentout a SIP Message (sip method) to transmit whatever value inside that ${CALLERID(name)} variable. Now why did I make of use of log, because, XTEN PRO doesn’t process SIP Message (sip method) but do respond with OK (For SIP guru, its a seperate dialogue). Its all there on the log. Also, this happen while the softphone is still ringing.

exten => s,1,SendText(caller ${ARG1})
exten => s,2,NoOP(${SENDTEXTSTATUS})

exten => _1NXX.,s,Dial(${ATOZTRUNK}/${EXTEN}|45|M(textmo,${CALLERID(name)}))

why can’t you two get together and get this sorted for james ?

personally, and for reasons of minimal development, i would use YAC. then, when a call comes in, use an AGI to grab the appropriate data from a table, and then send a YAC message to the user that contains a URL … this URL, when clicked by the agent (YAC allows you to do this) will then open a browser, and request the page from a server. the server that’s doing this then provides a page containing the appropriate data.

or you could shortcut this and put all the data to be displayed in the YAC message. once clicked it’s on-screen until the user chooses to close it.

like i said before, very little programming time to be used, and even a monkey like me could do it !!

I’m going to see if the programmers I recently hired are smarter than a couple of monkeys. If not I will need you slightly more than intelligent monkeys to help me. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use adat, is a free application and does what you need.