Asterisk manager api

using asterisk manager api, can i realize to notify a iax softphone some event has happened? how to do?

Asterisk already does that for you in terms of call information of course. What exactly are you looking to notify the IAX phone of and in what context?

the following is the detail request:
for example i use meetme application, enter a conference room . i want to get a notification when another enter the conference room . the notification is not only through voice but also text message (this is what i expect ,other way is ok too). how to do this? thanks!

Is your IAX phone capable of accepting and displaying text messages?

text message tranfered by iax full frame ,we can control them in the client . i saw there is send_text function in asterisk manager php but i don’t know how to use it ?

Here are some details on how sending of text is supported:

You do not have to use this via the AGI, as it is also an application available in the extensions.conf:

If you do want to do it via an AGI, you could look here for insight: … #send_text

thanks a lot

if i can get the channel string how can i use the channel to sendtext? i am still confusing now ! help me !thanks a lot

for example, if i get the channel string like the following :
Channel: IAX2/24002020@ .how can i use the channel string throung asterisk manager api or AGI using php script send text to softphone 24002020 ?
any hints will be appreciated!