Free windows based solution

I am building an applicaiton that needs to answer an incoming phone call, play a .wav file to the caller, capture the caller id, generate an event for a vb app and then send a text message back to the user.

We are currently using a TAPI interface with a regular phone line, but I assume there is a better way uisng VOIP and a soft PBX. Can you suggest some good solutions for;

  1. Windows based free soft PBX (I assume this is what i need to answer the calls)
  2. I assume I need a IP phone service that gives me a phone number, routes the calls to my app and sends me the caller id. Can you suggest a good and low cost solution?
  3. Any other good sample applicaitons that would show me the ropes would be helpful.

thanks much.

[quote=“sailor_boy”]Windows based free soft PBX[/quote] can i ask why you’re on the Asterisk forum then ? there is a windows port, which i’ve never tried, but afaik regular users of Asterisk wouldn’t recommend it for a production environment.

if you’re worried about linux, get over the and download the ISO. burn it to CD, boot from that CD on a machine you can use primarily for this function (it will wipe the HDD !!) and get going with Asterisk.

to be quite honest, Asterisk is overkill for what you want to do, and you’ll have to delve under the hood to do the SMS messaging after the event. but it’s not going to kill you so have a go. you could then post back here with details of how you did it all.