Is Asterisk relevant/good for me?


I have been reading for a while regarding Asterisk, its capabilities and its external manager interface, and I cannot figure out if Asterisk is what I needed or not - I’d like to hear some comments about this issue.

What I basically have is this SIP PBX lying out there, and I need to create calls between two participants which are connected to it. I cannot change the actual SIP PBX - it’s a given. What I thought I might do is to get Asterisk in the way; have it connected to this SIP PBX, and connect to Asterisk itself through AMI (or another way?) and tell it to create the call. Since Asterisk will be connected to the “real” PBX, it will be able to connect the two participants.

Is this at all possible? Is my method as I depicted it here feasible? Any tips regarding this whole setup and how should I go on with it will be greatly appreciated.