Amipbx, Asterisk Management Interface

Stop selling or leasing a PABX, no more subscription with the old operators, a unique private network (LAN) in your company for transmitting data and voice between your PC and your telephone. All this is possible with AMIPBX.

The solution AMIPBX is an offer of Telecommunication for companies. It is processes all your incoming and outgoing calls and provide you with the functionalities of a telephone switchboard bringing together Voice/Data/Mobility.

Your company reduces considerably its load of investment and maintenance by adapting its full telecom function. All this, of course, leads to a profitable productivity. Moreover, additional services will be available with a lower cost and bring to you new sources of competitivness.

Your telephones are directly connected to the data-processing network of your company. Once connected, your telephones will be identified automatically on your IPBX and get benefit of a number of functionalities which you subscribed.

AMIPBX grants a telephone number for each user. Both your incoming and outgoing calls are forward by data-processing network.

If you have many sites and wandering employees, each site uses the same IPBX and your intersite calls are unlimited and for free.
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