Use analog phone line as multimedia input


I admit this is an experiment and I don’t know a lot about configuring asterisk, but it’s what keeps coming up on line when I try to search for what I am doing.

I am building a video conferencing system, and I want to use my already existing conference phones as a sound input. However I do not want to alter the wiring to the conference phones. So here’s my idea:

I acquire an ATA that when the connection goes off-hook, it either rings into the conference phone, or connects to an already existing call. This shouldn’t be too much trouble as it’s a function of programming my pbx.

I would like to interface this analog line to my microphone-in and line-out adapter on my computer, that way I can route sound from the phone line into a video conference. I expect a phone patch device would do it, but I need a way to go off-hook. That’s why I thought of using an fxo adapter, except then I would need to connect the sound programattically in the OS. (I think)

Has anyone encountered this problem?

thank you for your time and consideration…


I think you should look for something like this:

It’s an adapter for using a regular telephone for skype calls, I believe it shows up to the OS as a soundcard.