Conference on the analog line with a X100P card


I have Asterisk 1.4.7 running with a X100P analog card (I installed zaptel, libpri and asterisk).

Is it possible to have a voice conference running on the X100P analog card (several people dialing the number associated to my analog card) ?

I made a test, adding an incoming rule from my analog card to a conference number; I dial the number from an analog line and enter the conference, but if anyone else dial the number, the line is busy.

note : this works perfectly well with SIP phones.

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The X100p card has only 1 fxo port so it can accepts only one call at a time, the other port is fxs and it could be used to connect a phone and use the pstn even if Asterisk is not started (never tried, just find this from Google), so this fxs port can’t be used to receive calls and thus you’re limited to only 1 concurrent call; using a card with multiple fxo ports like the tdm400p or tdm800p you’re able to call the pstn number and route more then one concurrent call to a conference, through the fxo ports of the card.


Marco Bruni

you just need to flash the line.

put this in features.conf

zapflash => #1,peer,flash,() <<<<<<<<<< needs a comma between flash and ()

then hit #1 when making a call to conference on another party. Make sure you have three way calling on your line.

Thanks for the answer.

I am not the flash feature is what I need.

I would that for example 3 or more people could dial in the Asterisk server (on the analog line where the X100P is connected) to enter the conference room.




An x100p has ONE (1) line conection, Therefore handle only ONE (1) call at a time. Think of it as a single phone . If you had one phone connected to the line you couldnot have 3 calls at the same time, Unless you had callwaiting and a conference service on the line.

If you want multiple calls to you server you need multiple lines be they Analog, ISDN or VOip .