Connect analog line to asterisk

Hi, i’m using Asterisk for a long time now, but i want to connect my Netherlands analog phoneline to Asterisk. I mean, i want to connect my home analog line to Asterisk, so the users call via the analog line and not via a VOIP provider. Is that possible? If yes, what sort of product i must use to connect a analog line to Asterisk?

You need a hardware for this. This can be an external device like Gateways or internal device like Asterisk Cards.
Products from Digium, Sangoma, OpenVox and etc.

Okay, thank you for your response, psdk. Is a FXO adapter from Linksys ok for this? I found one on Alibaba. I’m sorry for my lot of questions, but i’m actually new in the world of Asterisk.


LB11, what you need is an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)
With that device you can work in two ways:

  1. Incoming call via Analog lines ----> to Asterisk PBX
  2. Asterisk PBX ------> to Analog phone lines

You can search in Bing “Linksys PAP2”, if you want to see how the device looks, see this image.

Hope that helps

Hello leunam24,

Thanks for your response! I have a ATA adapter from Linksys (i think the Linksys 112). I didn’t knew that it was possible to connect an analog line to Asterisk with a ATA-adapter. I’m waiting for my Raspberry PI (i will install freepbx on it), so i hope it works with it, haha. But, i don’t understand… a ATA-adapter is to connect a analog phone, but not a analog trunk to asterisk…?


Sorry. I’m wrong.

Yes, you are rigth, ATA is just for analog phones. It converts the analog phone to IP. ATA only allows analog because it has FXS ports.

If you want to place calls from Asterisk —> to analog PSTN line, in that case you need a FXO port. Analog Gateways have FXO ports and that is what you need.

I recommend to buy a Digium card with FXO modules or buy a Grandstream Analog Gateway, is more cheap and easy to configure.

I really need to apologize because I wrote you the wrong answer before. I’m really sure that this is the rigth one.


You need a Grandtream HT503, is the cheapest available. Don’t buy anything from alibaba because most on them are clone devices and you will have problems eventually.