Sound card as fxo for cell phone?

I have a cell phone with a standard analog 2.5mm headset connector. I can wire this to the speaker and mic jacks on my sound card. But does asterisk support using a standard sound card as an fxo?

My only alternative is to disconnect the speaker and mic from a standard landline telephone, connect the cell phone headset interface in their place (thus using the telephone for its duplex coil), connect the landline telephone via standard telephone cord to a x100p plugged into the computer, and connect a 48V DC battery across the telephone cord wires so that both the telephone and the x100p think that they’re plugged into a standard landline connection, all of which would be a major hassle.

It’d be easier to just use the sound card method, but does asterisk support it? If not, then what’s the easiest way to connect a cell phone which has only a standard analog headset interface (no digital interface)?

there are some options out there that allow you to ‘dock’ a cell phone and thus connect it to an FXS port. By doing this you could create an inbound/outbound cell trunk connecting either into and zap/fxs port or other ATA device. There is also a project underway to do what you want through bluetooth as a ‘bluetooth’ channel. In bothcases, I believe you can both receive calls as well as automatically place outbound calls. I have no idea how well these various solutions work as well as how the sound quality is.