Picking up FXO POTS line from SIP extension, possible?

Hi all,

Is it possible to directly connect from a SIP extension to an already off-hook analog line coming in via TDM400 FXO port?

Here is the use case: my whole family and household still use the analog POTS system. I have it connected to my Asterisk box with the Digium card FXO port, used for my home office. Asterisk is set up to route so I can answer the POTS calls on my SIP line (Cisco 7960). I can do outbound to either the POTS line or several VOIP providers.

But if POTS line rings, and one of my kids answers first on a regular phone, then I get “Dad! It’s for you.” Now, I have to go to an analog phone to talk. Is there a way to dial something on my Cisco that will just connect my SIP extension to the off-hook analog line?

/s/ Martin

not that i know of. try having them park the call, then you can pick it up from your sip phone.

do you mean they pick up an analogue phone that isn’t connected to Asterisk ?

if yes, then just create an extension that goes “Dial(ZAP/1/||T)” and call that. Asterisk/Zaptel doesn’t care if it’s in use (and that’s a whole other story)

good point, baconbuttie. i just assumed the regular phone(s) on an fxs port, but not necessarily.

Hi Baconbuttie,

Thanks! That worked great. [Yes, the kid’s analogue phone is not connected to Asterisk.] [Must I put the “ue” on the end of analog?]

But your “whole other story” comment makes me raise some questions:

  • is the Digium card FXO module capable of sensing if the line is off-hook? and transmitting that state through the software module into asterisk space?
  • can a SIP phone, simply by being taken offhook, be made to directly connect to the server and trigger an action? The Cisco phone, at least, generates it’s own dial tone and only connects to Asterisk after some numbers have been dialed.

I.e. - it would be nice, on one of my Cisco extensions, to exactly replicate the behavior of an analog phone: pick up the reciever, hit line #3 button, and be directly connected to my POTS line.

Anyway, thanks again.

/s/ Martin