Configuring an Analog POTS Phone w/ Asterisk

Hello to everyone,

This is my very second post in this community :laughing: … I am so excited and can’t wait for the needed help.

We have an Asterisk on a Linux based Dell server. We configured it and is working awesome! However, we need to setup a phone for the facilities. We really do not want to spend so we are trying to utilize what we have. There is an analog phone out in the back so what we want to do is utilize this w/ our Asterisk.

We have a X100P FXO card…

Can we use this card to plug in an analog phone to? I know that FXO goes to a PSTN and FXS can go to a POTS line. Can I use the FXO to provide a dial tone for the analog phone and control it from Asterisk? OR would I need to purchase a FXS card for what we want to do?

Thank you so much for your help. :smiley:

Kelvin Q.

You will be required to have an FXS interface in order to hook up your phone.

You could also google for SIP ATA. That may be a slightly cheaper way to go.

Good Luck!!

Thank you root52 for the reply.

That’s what I thought… I read that FXS port is needed in the PCI card in order to use an analog phone. I did look at the SIP ata… but I prefer a PCI card to install within the server. Any other recommendation?

Just want to make sure and be clear that the X100P PCI card has a “FXO” port and a “pass thru” port. Can I use that “pass thru” port to hook up to an analog phone? It’s too bad I can not use this for what I want to do.

Kelvin Q.

That is correct. You CAN NOT use the card you have for what you want to do. Check out ebay. There are pleanty of FXS/FXO cards for not that much money. Also check out your Cisco routers. At one time I had one with CME and a VIC-2FXS card in it. Worked like a charm with h.323 back to asterisk.

Great… thanks for all your help root52. :smiley: